Sunday, September 28, 2014

We Had A Baby!

In the past year we have had a baby boy! We named him Colby Stinger Carpenter.

It was a whirl wind with Dan being cut from the Miami Dolphins 3 days after my due date. We held off teams and a new job until Colby was born. 5 days later Colby was born. The next morning Dan left. He went to Arizona, NY, and then landed in Buffalo. We joined him 2 weeks later.

 Colby Newborn

Colby 1 1/2 weeks

 Colby Newborn

We enjoyed our season in Buffalo, and traveled back to South Florida in the off season where our belongings were. We waited to see where we would go next, come free agency.

Colby 6 months with Mommy

Colby 6 months with Daddy

Colby 6 months with Mommy and Daddy, Kaela and Dan Carpenter

The opportunity arose to stay in Buffalo and we jumped on it. Colby is now 1. We are enjoying our new life with the Buffalo Bills and the Buffalo Community.

Colby 1 yr

Colby 1 yr

Colby 1 yr

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