Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NFL Super School and Play 60 at Peters Elementary

Last week, Dan and I, along with Diane Philbin, Brandon and Katie Fields, Davone Bess, Nolan Carroll, and Mike Pouncey visited Peters Elementary, the NFL Super School Winner.

As the winner, Peters Elementary received a $10,000 grant for their health a wellness program. This will help tremendously as the kids have no P.E. Teacher and no playground.
They are saving for playground equipment, and their regular teachers do their best to teach P.E. on a rugged open field on the school grounds.

We enjoyed the afternoon as we hosted the NFL Play 60 event at their school.

Link to article on Miami Dolphins website in blue below.
Miami Dolphins Visit NFL Super School Winner

Article in Sun-Sentinel
Dolphins Score Big at Peters Elementary P.E. Class

Davone Bess Interview on Finsiders about event

Photos Courtesy of Miami Dolphins

Photos below taken with my phone.


  1. Hey Kaela,

    Why does Dan and the other players not have their names on the back of their jerseys?????

    1. @roybus,
      These are their appearance jerseys. The Dolphins do have a few appearance jerseys with names on the back, but only for players who have been here a long time. When there is a younger guy in the group at an event, who doesn't have an appearance jersey with his name on the back, the Dolphins choose the nameless jerseys for the whole group so that there is consistency throughout the group at that particular event.