Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NFL Super School and Play 60 at Peters Elementary

Last week, Dan and I, along with Diane Philbin, Brandon and Katie Fields, Davone Bess, Nolan Carroll, and Mike Pouncey visited Peters Elementary, the NFL Super School Winner.

As the winner, Peters Elementary received a $10,000 grant for their health a wellness program. This will help tremendously as the kids have no P.E. Teacher and no playground.
They are saving for playground equipment, and their regular teachers do their best to teach P.E. on a rugged open field on the school grounds.

We enjoyed the afternoon as we hosted the NFL Play 60 event at their school.

Link to article on Miami Dolphins website in blue below.
Miami Dolphins Visit NFL Super School Winner

Article in Sun-Sentinel
Dolphins Score Big at Peters Elementary P.E. Class

Davone Bess Interview on Finsiders about event

Photos Courtesy of Miami Dolphins

Photos below taken with my phone.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Alaska Trip Day 3

Alaska Trip Day 1 - Florida to Seattle - Click HERE
Alaska Trip Day 2 - Arriving in Alaska - Click HERE

This trip and it's expenses were paid for by the Copper River Salmon Company.
The decision to post about it, and all opinions are solely mine.
Thank you Copper River Salmon for an experience of a lifetime!
I enjoyed being a member of your Fresh Catch Crew.
Thank you for picking Megan and myself to come visit!

My first morning in Cordova, I woke up, put on my rubber boots, and stepped outside with my coffee to take a peak at the morning view.

...and get a head start munching on these little guys! Delicious berries right outside my bedroom door. I couldn't resist! 

I am sure I was a sight to see. Bright and early, bedhead, pajamas, and rubber boots. Feeding my face with berries off the bush.

After nearly filling my belly with berries, I still could not turn down a breakfast invite from the Copper River Salmon Crew at the Killer Whale. Here I tried reindeer sausage for the first time, with my eggs, hashbrowns and toast.
After breakfast and an educational tour at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, we took a tour of a fishing boat. Thea Thomas was kind enough to show us around her boat and answer any questions we may have. She was kinder than kind, and one of the best in her business.
Thanks Thea for the lesson in fishing and answering our questions!

Before we left the docks we swung by another boat to grab a salmon or two for some fish printing. First Copper River Salmon I saw on the trip! Yippee!

Next, we warmed up while visiting the Museum. We learned a lot about the Eyak People and the Chugach People. I also LOVED the seal pelts. I wanted one sooooo bad! But, unless you are a member of the tribe you cannot purchase one. You are only allowed to purchase something made from the pelt.
Isn't it beautiful though! 

Off to fish printing! When we arrived to the store to fish print, we had lunch waiting for us from a local pizza place. YUM! Smoked Salmon Pizza! I had never had it before and it was delicious. It was so awesome that it inspired me to make my own when I got home. Click HERE for the recipe.

Fish Printing is fun, simple, and artistic. Great for young and old!
Step 1 - Choose a fish.
Step 2 - Paint how you wish.

 Step 3 - Lay material over the fish and press firmly down. Peek to see if it's working.

Step 4 - Continue to peal off the material to reveal your work of art.

Naturally, we chose aprons. Thanks to Megan and her photography skills, I have pictures of the fish printing process. Thanks Megan!

After having our fun with fish printing, we met Chef David Bonom. He and his wife, Marge Perry, flew in to prepare the Fungus Festival meal for the Cordova Community the following day. He and I poked fun of each other as we have difference in opinions when it comes to who is the better football team. I was quite impressed with both he and his wife's resumes when I started digging. Seriously! Take a second to check this out!

Later that night we had a good old fashioned potluck dinner. In my opinion this is the best way to taste the local flavors. Of course in Cordova, Salmon is plentiful. Just a few of the items on the plate include, home smoked salmon, caribou, reindeer, salmon sushi, and native berry glazed salmon.

And hey, why not walk out back and pluck a few Nagoonberries to scatter on top of dessert! One of the many things I loved about Cordova was that people used the resources around them. Because it is hard to transport outside goods to Cordova, the local residents take full advantage of the Copper River Salmon, berries, mushrooms, and other natural sources of food. They eat them when and season, and stock up and store extra for the off season. Reminds me of home on the farm in Montana.

After the potluck my travel buddy Megan and I were off to bed. We knew we had to rest up for another fun filled day starting early in the morning!