Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our Halloween Princess

Yesterday the Miami Dolphins Players, MDWO, TD, Cheerleaders, Duffy's, and Party City teamed up at the local Party City location to deck out 20 local children in Halloween gear.

The kids rode the bus in from Miami's Lorah Elementary School. They were filled with excitement as they met everyone and were given the opportunity to shop for their very own Halloween costume of their choice.

Dan and my little cutie pie that we were helping chose to be a princess. She was so timid at first, but by the end we had her giggling and choosing exactly what she wanted. We found not only the best princess dress, but also glittery shoes, bracelets, gloves, rings, necklaces, hair extensions, a crown, purse, and wand.

I helped her try everything on to be sure it fit perfectly. After getting everything just right, I turned on the sparkle lights in the skirt of her gown, and whirled her around towards the mirror. When she caught her first glimpse of herself her eyes lit up like the Fourth of July! The quiet little girl quickly became one gleaming little princess with a smile that could win over any prince.

When we emerged from the bathroom to show Dan he agreed that she was the most beautiful princess he had ever seen!  She was tickled pink and so were we. She got everything she wanted plus more. All three of us had a ball.

We didn't manage to get a picture of the complete outfit all on at once. We were having too much fun to think about pictures much, but here are a few that the Dolphins caught, or I caught on my phone.

Photo Courtesy - Miami Dolphins

The whole group after purchasing the costumes. Photo Courtesy -  Miami Dolphins

It fits!! Lets go surprise Dan with our transformation!

Shoe fitting. Dan found the perfect glitter shoes for us!

 Checking out with all of our goodies!

 All done! 
With last minute additions of a princess candy bucket, clip in hair extensions, a little lip gloss kit, and 2 Jolly Ranchers we were set! 
She was happy as can be and so were we!

I hope she has the best Halloween ever this year and gets lots of candy! 
What a pretty princess she will be! 

Here is the link to the Miami Dolphins write up and more pictures.
Click HERE

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