Monday, October 22, 2012

Alaska Trip Day 2

This trip and it's expenses were paid for by the Copper River Salmon Company.
The decision to post about it, and all opinions are solely mine.
Thank you Copper River Salmon for an experience of a lifetime!
I enjoyed being a member of your Fresh Catch Crew.
Thank you for picking Megan and myself to come visit!

Welcome To Alaska!

     On day two, I woke up as the sun did in beautiful Seattle. The Copper River Salmon Company had scheduled an early flight so I could get to Cordova at a decent hour. After the car service dropped me off at the airport a new excitement came over me as I knew that I got to meet the other food blogger that was coming on the trip as well. I was crossing my fingers. This was the chic I would be spending quite a bit of time with over the next few days while in Alaska.
     To my relief, she (Megan, of Wanna Be A Country Cleaver) was TOTALLY normal. We got got along perfectly and hit it off right away. Wait... Maybe that means she's not normal... Is normal in my book normal? Haha. Oh well! After grabbing a coffee together at Starbucks, we were off to Alaska! First stop, Anchorage Airport.

The Flight from Seattle to Anchorage was gorgeous!

Just Beautiful!

     We had a short layover at Anchorage. Not enough time to leave the airport, but long enough to relax a bit.

We enjoyed a couple beers and grabbed lunch at Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse before hopping our flight to Cordova. 

Alaskan King Crab Roll - Yes Please!

After we enjoyed chatting over a ridiculously delicious lunch, we hopped on our final plane to Cordova. We were both thrilled to the max and bursting with excitement to finally experience the community, see the operation, and meet everyone in Cordova at the Copper River Salmon Company that we had been writing about and corresponding with  via internet for months.

When we landed right outside Cordova, Alaska my eyes couldn't get any wider. I was like a curious kid at Christmas. I couldn't believe I was really in ALASKA! We grabbed our bags and hopped in with our ride.

A few things I was either reminded of or introduced to on my short ride from the airport to Cordova that I LOVED.
-You must fly or come by water to Cordova. You cannot drive from your city to Cordova. Any car you see there has been ferried in at one time or another.
-No Fancy Business. No need to dress up to the max. Dressing up in Cordova is like dressing up in my hometown of Plentywood. Leave the glitzy diamonds and sequins at home. Jeans are perfectly acceptable. Be comfortable. "YES!! Thank You!!"
-I discovered the overwhelming BEAUTY of Alaska at it's finest. I honestly believe Cordova region is the pearl of Alaska. I am not sure much else in this world could be so untouched and natural. At times it looked like a Pixar movie because it was so lush and green. (See pics below)

Taken from my phone while on the drive. So lush and green.

Taken from my phone while on the drive in. 
Everyone catching dinner, and their winter dinners.

Once we arrived in Cordova, we were dropped off at The Reluctant Fisherman Inn, where we would be staying. We got our welcome bags, keys to our rooms, and had an hour or so to relax until dinner.

My Reluctant Fisherman Inn Review?
Friendly staff, clean rooms, free coffee and tea round the clock, great views, bar/restaurant conveniently attached and prime access to the water and downtown area.
Perfect for the fisherman or outdoorsmen type.
If you are looking for a Ritz Carlton this is not the place, but then again, Cordova in general wouldn't be.
This was PERFECT for me! When I go back to Cordova, I will stay here again.
Click on their link in blue above to see pics on their facebook page.
5/5 Stars

I was tickled to discover my room had a Harbor View!
This was a pic taken with my phone just outside of my sliding doors.
Small video taken from my room with my iphone.

Next, we enjoyed dinner at the Reluctant Fisherman's Restaurant with a few of the Copper River Salmon folks. Their food was out of this world! You wouldn't expect gourmet in such a small town. But this food was fabulous! 
(Sorry no pic, it was so good I gobbled it before photographing.)

After dinner, out on the dock we found a cute little otter that was doing his own thing.

"Da dada da da! How relaxing!"  

"I feel someone watching me."

"Hey YOU! What you lookin' at!?!? Mind your own."

"Well, whatever...Da dada da da!" 

We also were lucky enough to experience an amazing sunset! Below is a pic of Megan and I watching our first Cordova sunset after dinner on the deck with some of the Copper River Salmon Company Crew.
This picture is courtesy of Megan. (Purple collared jacket, yellow shirt)

Video of sunset over the harbor from my iphone
Taken from the deck at the Reluctant Fisherman's Restaurant.
TONS of sunset pics. But I just couldn't get enough. I always wind up with a million pics of sunsets. I just love them!

Calm and beautiful! 

It doesn't get much better than this! There is such spirit and calm high energy in a sunset. Does that make sense?

Later that evening, I snuck out to the docks where I snapped a few pics of the fishing boats. It was a beautiful evening to walk off some of my excitement. Then off to bed to rest for the fun filled day ahead of me when I woke.

 The silence of the night. No traffic, no airplanes, no noise. Crisp cool air that shows you your breath. Old fishing boats with many a tale to tell, and the majestic mountain in the distance. Beautiful!

Stay tuned for:
Day 3 - Educational Tours
Day 4 - Discovering The Outdoors!

This trip and it's expenses were paid for by the Copper River Salmon Company.
The decision to post about it, and all opinions are solely mine.
Thank you Copper River Salmon for an experience of a lifetime!

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