Monday, September 17, 2012

8th Annual Cool Gear for the School Year

This year marked the 8th Annual Cool Gear for the School Year. This year, like the past, the Jason Taylor Foundation hosted this fine event for nearly 60 children in need. Each carefully selected child was paired up with a celebrity to shop for school clothes with a $300 Old Navy gift card. 

In attendance were many former and current Miami Dolphin Players, a few Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders, a couple Police Women of Broward County, an MMA competitor and professional boxer, Miami Heat Players, Miami Heat Dancers and many more. 
With a DJ on site, and snacks and drinks, the children walked away having had fun, and also very excited to go show off their new clothes, shoes, and backpacks at school. 

Below are a few photos from the event. All are courtesy of Jason Taylor Foundation.

The hosts of the event. Katina and Jason Taylor and their children.
Beautiful Family.

Dan and I with our happy shopper.

Our friends Katie and Brandon Fields and their little shopper.

Yup, I think I dug this shirt more than she. Haha. She didn't buy it.

She did like this one though!

Police Women of Broward County's Andrea Penoyer with her shopper.

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