Monday, September 17, 2012

8th Annual Cool Gear for the School Year

This year marked the 8th Annual Cool Gear for the School Year. This year, like the past, the Jason Taylor Foundation hosted this fine event for nearly 60 children in need. Each carefully selected child was paired up with a celebrity to shop for school clothes with a $300 Old Navy gift card. 

In attendance were many former and current Miami Dolphin Players, a few Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders, a couple Police Women of Broward County, an MMA competitor and professional boxer, Miami Heat Players, Miami Heat Dancers and many more. 
With a DJ on site, and snacks and drinks, the children walked away having had fun, and also very excited to go show off their new clothes, shoes, and backpacks at school. 

Below are a few photos from the event. All are courtesy of Jason Taylor Foundation.

The hosts of the event. Katina and Jason Taylor and their children.
Beautiful Family.

Dan and I with our happy shopper.

Our friends Katie and Brandon Fields and their little shopper.

Yup, I think I dug this shirt more than she. Haha. She didn't buy it.

She did like this one though!

Police Women of Broward County's Andrea Penoyer with her shopper.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gone Fishin'

It's good to be back from off season and back in our routine.

Football, Food, Fishing, and Friends all here in South Florida.

First day back on the water with Dan.

Beautiful sunsets here. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Offseason 2012

I could go on and on all day about what Dan and I did over our time off late June-Mid July. Every year we sprinkle our time amongst many places between Florida and Montana. We split up our days to visit as many friends and family as possible. Memories are always made, and when I am lucky I capture some priceless photos with my phone. The time is never long enough, but we do our best to see as many people as possible.

Let me break it down in an ordered short list and then just show pictures. After all, pictures are worth a thousand words.

-Agent visit
-Dans Friends
-Dans Family
-My Family

-My family

-Dan's Grandparents and Aunt, Uncle, Cousin
-Dan's other Grandparents and many Aunts, Uncles, Cousins

-Friends and Family

3 day drive up from Florida to Montana

Yup, this house floats.

Enjoying Missoula, MT

Rylee. Enjoying Missoula, MT
Freedom in water with no gators:)

Western MT
Visiting Kerr Dam

Flathead Lake
Dan and Rylee enjoying the dock, fishing and view.
Me? Enjoying a darn good margarita.

Dan and his agent Ken Staninger.
Flathead Lake, checking out the wildlife.


Out with the Agent and his wife on Flathead Lake. Ran across a boat of stranded teens on our way to dinner. Dan's agent didn't hesitate a second. We towed in opposite direction back to shore. Good guy.

Helena, MT
Dan has great friends. They have adopted me in a way. Made me feel like family. Always great food when we are with them. What a bunch of chefs! Check out their place HERE. Always a friendly, clean and convenient place to stay if you are ever in Helena. Hotel, Restaurant, Bar. All in one!

Dan, his best man Chris (blue), and groomsmen Kody (back). 
Enjoying a little speed:)
High school friends.

Lincoln Montana with family. 
Great place, even greater people.
In my opinion, Lincoln has the BEST jerky ever! We had to stock up while we were there, and also get some for gifts for our friends back in Florida. Here is their website if you would like to order some. My favorite is the Tender Sliced Strip Style. Any Flavor.

 Chloe Bean and Rylee. 
Chloe was the cutest little flower girl ever last summer for our wedding.
What a sweetie pie:)

Dan and our niece, Chloe. She likes her Uncle Dan.

Nothin' like a lil' Buck Hunter before bedtime:)
Love these kiddos to pieces. 

Seeley Lake Montana for Carpenter Family Reunion
Dan's Mom did a great job of picking such a beautiful place!

Chloe and I. She is a little whiz. I would type in line after line of random letters and she would rattle them off as fast as she could.

Dan and his sister, Becky. 
Telling jokes. Those two together make me smile.
She, her husband and the kiddos finally got a chance to come visit  this year! 
We can't wait!!

Back to Plentywood Montana for cousin Kirstin's wedding.
Where the bridesmaids threw a fun bachelorette party, and I put my touch on it to make sure that it was carried out in true Montana Fashion:)

Dad and Phil.
Sister Jenna's BF getting the 1-2.
First time visit to our hometown and meeting a lot of our family.
He passed the tests :)

Small town weddings are the best!

My sisters, brother and I at my cousins reception. 
Not too often we are all in one place!

Dan and our nephew Gavin at the wedding reception. 
My sister's boy LOVE Uncle Dan.

Beautiful Bride and Groom
Photo Courtesy Terri Rider Photography

Enjoyed my childhood farm with the nephews and wedding guests.
Alpacas are shy but curious.
 Twins feeding the chickens watermelon and tomatoes.

Feeding the goats!

Dan and my brother Tom. Gopher hunting. We spend the majority of our time gopher hunting when we are back on the farm.

We even took my sisters twins on their first gopher hunt.

We got a big chubby one! Seriously the fattest gopher I have ever seen. 
By the look on their faces and how they are holding it you can totally see the difference in opinion of gopher hunting. Haha

 Brother Tom out for the long shots.

Being in Montana always makes us smile. Good times are always had.

Dan enjoying the landscape of the farm. Scouting gophers for Tom.

We always get in a little fishing. Walleye. Dan.
Walleye. Brother Tom.

Did a little campaigning  for my Dad while we were back.
5k Water Stop

Ready to walk the parade and throw candy.

Dan and I mid-parade. 
Throwing candy for the Keith Clawson for County Commissioner Campaign.

As we left Montana it was bittersweet. We love that place. Why wouldn't you when you have colorful fields like this! Beautiful blues, yellows, and greens!

 Lucked out when we headed east from Montana. 
My sister's friend had a cabin that was open to stay at! 
How fun! Did you say fishing? We'll be there:)

Rented a teenie little boat so we could take the kids fishing...
OK, who am I fooling, it was as much for Dan as anyone. He lives for fishing.

Ready to fish with their Dad Brock and Uncle Dan!

Look at those little arms:)

Caught a fish!!

A little wine with the bonefire at night after the kiddos were in bed.

Coffee and long chats with my two best buds in the morning.
I would keep refilling in the house and they would eagerly await my return so we could continue to "solve the worlds problems".

Dug down by the water and found some crinkled up egg shells. What does that mean? Baby turtles!! So much fun for little boys. And me:)



Who knew a walk on a dirt road would lead to wild rasberries! Yum!! These two couldn't fill their cups or their bellies fast enough!

The view from above.

So Sweet

Precious Picker

 Plum Tickled

Brothers :)

Picking like Pros

Little Pickers

Good times and GOOFY times are always had when my brother, Tom is involved. 
("Uncle Tom" and the twins enjoying the rain for a "Redneck Shower")

Dan took my sister Crystal and I on Baby Brandts long awaited boat ride. He would ask constantly to go so was tickled pink when he got to.

Crystal and Brandt

Next we hit up Nebraska!
Dan was born here so there is a lot of family. 

First we visited Omaha where we spent time with his Grandparents and were lucky enough to see an Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin for dinner.

Dan and Gramps
Too Cute
His Grandpa likes our pup...And I think she likes the attention.

We visited his Grandparents in Plattsmouth. 
His Granny is a huge Nebraska Huskers fan. 

They took us to the old farm and showed us around.

Dan and I enjoyed looking at all the old machinery and farm stuff.


Grandma Carpenter sharing memories with me while swinging.

Also while we were in Nebraska, Dan's Aunt and Uncle Rhonda and Kevin threw a going away BBQ for their daughter Kylie. She is the same age as Dan and I and a real cool gal. She was deployed that Saturday after we left. Everyone is proud of you Kylie! Thanks for all you do!

Dan, Kylie, and I.

Carpenter Group at Kylie's Going Away BBQ
In full Nebraska gear of course:)

Carpenter Women Group Shot
I shouldn't have ditched my red so soon!

Carpenter Women Group Shot
I shouldn't have ditched my red so soon!

Dan and his cousin, Kylie.
Great pic.

 Grandma and Grandpa Carpenter and Dan and I

After Nebraska we hit up Missouri with an Aunt, Uncle, and two of their relatives that have in a way become ours as well. They live on Table Rock Lake. Do you see a fishing theme to our travels?

Dan going out fishing Table Rock Lake with Uncle Rory and John.

The ladies? We float, chat, and mix a cool drink:)

A little night fishing, bonefires, and falling star spotting.

The guys with Maine Lobsters. We feasted that night. 
Lobsters from Maine, and Copper River Salmon from Alaska!

On the James River that flows into Table Rock lake from the Ozarks.

Went to a winery in Branson, Missouri. 
Dan, myself, Aunt Mary, Uncle Rory, John, Lisa.

Biggest bottle of wine I have ever laid fingers on!