Friday, August 31, 2012

Today Is The Day

Today is "one of those days". The Miami Dolphins need to be cut to a 53 man roster by tonight at 9 PM.

It's not even noon yet and I've already heard two goodbyes that hit the heart hard. What will the rest of the day bring?

The upside, you never know when they will be back. It is an ever-rotating door. Though it feels personal, it isn't meant to be. It's not even always about talent. It is what is needed at the time. Cut from one position to make room for another - sometimes for a totally different job. It's about the number. The number... 53.

It's a number thing. It's a money thing. It's an injuries thing. Though you make friends with teammates, coaches, staff, and families, in the end it is a business.
It is difficult for all involved.

In this business, in the midst of goodbyes, I often try to convince myself that it would be easier to not become close to anyone. For when one of us have to leave, which is inevitable and only a matter of time, we are crushed to be split from each other.

The fact that we are so deeply saddened by each others departures, only proves what a great relationship was built, which disproves my "no close friends" theory. I wouldn't trade those friendships for anything. They are what gets you through the guys away trips and fall camp. They are the only people who truly understand some of the complications that come with this NFL life. They are priceless. The hundreds and thousands of days spent with them are definitely worth the sad goodbyes.

After all, it IS and ever rotating door. You never know when they will be back or you will see them dressed in other teams colors on the field or in the stands. You have to view their departure not as the end, but a new beginning. A greater opportunity may lying elsewhere.