Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lake Okeechobee

Two weeks ago Dan had a week off of football so we headed up north about an hour or so to Lake Okeechobee for a few days. Lake Okeechobee is established as one of the best Bass Lakes in the United States. For quite a few years it has supplied the best largemouth bass, and other great fish in the whole world. So we thought we would give er' a try. 

We pulled Dan's boat up to a little town named Clewistown. Population approx. 7, 000. Not sure where all those people were because we seemed to see the same 10-15 people all week. Coming from Fort Lauderdale, Clewiston was a breath of fresh air. Small town feel. No frills, no make up, and baseball cap type of feel. My fave.

We found an inexpensive and convenient little place. It was called Roland & Mary Ann Martins. They had a marina so we could store our boat. They also had a tiki hut so we were never without strong drinks/cold beer, bar food, and live music. A bait and tackle shop were on location as well in case we needed anything last minute. There were many choices for lodging at Roland & Mary Ann Martins. Condominiums, motels of all calibers, trailers, and RV hook ups were all available to choose from. We chose the cheapest motel they had available. They wawrned us no frills. We agreed it was OK. You pretty much just use the room for a few hours each night for a little shut eye anyway.
Gotta say, roughnecking it was kind of fun. Rather than a motel feel, it felt more like we were kind of camping. Or hiding out like Bonnie and Clyde in some hole-in-the-wall motel in the middle of no where. I loved it. This place is perfect for the fisherman who will be out on the water all day.

Sunrise-Noon - Fish on the lake.
Noon to 3:30 - Lunch and drinks under the tiki hut and BS with a few other fisherman.
3:30-Sunset - Fish on the lake.
Sunset - 10 - Dinner and then tiki hut for drinks and live music

The Set Up

See where I get the "hiding out bandit, in the middle of nowhere feel"? 
I felt like I should have a gunnysack of one hundred dollar bills and a revolver laid out on top the bed.

Late night Fishing Food - Leftover Sweet and Spicy Corn Salad used as Salsa for chips, nuts, oysters, and pizza.

Our boats slip for the week. Within walking distance every morning. 

This old rig was right outside our door in case we forgot which direction the tiki bar was.

The Mornings
We would head out every morning as the sun came up. Beautiful sunrises lit up the sky.

Birds singing as the fog would rise.
We would scout out all the little nooks and crannies along the edge of the lake.
I couldn't get enough of the rising fog, and crisp morning air.               

Scouting the late morning competition and found that there were tons of dragonflies on the tops of the grass.

Throughout the Days

Had to represent the hometown:)

My first fish of the trip!

Dan the Man. Driving his boat.

 My big one. I got er' coming right out from the lily pads.

Nice one Dan!


Holding one of Dan's

So, this Rainbow was around the sun. Soooo cool. People were saying it was because of the solar eclipse later that night. I quickly and excitedly called my Dad and a few siblings ordering them to go outside and look up at the sun....There was no rainbow around the sun in North Dakota or Montana. They all thought I was crazy...So did all the people who drove by and stared as I lay on the ground flat on my back so I could take a good still shot with my phone camera....Dan was so embarrassed.  haha

 Biggest gator we saw.

Flowers of all colors naturally growing by the lake. The pink in the back are actually Hibiscus! They were all over the place! 

Evenings on the Lake
Beautiful Sunsets

Another sunset

As the sun set in the west, the moon shined bright in the east. Birds chirped wildly as it started to cool off. Frogs went wild. By the sounds of it there had to be thousands. All nocturnal creatures started to come alive.
This time of day is always my favorite. Sunset and Moonrise at the same time.
Fishing, on the boat, at sunset.

Here is a video of the moonrise and sunset one night. You can kind of hear the birds chirp. I didn't realize my phone camera would pick up such a small breeze.  


  1. Those photos are amazing...for a minute there I thought I was looking at National Geographic photos. Did you take them with your phone?

    1. Ha! Thanks Tim!

      Some were taken with the phone but most were captured with my Canon Rebel xt - (about 6yr old model)

      There were so many different animals, flowers, and sunsets that I was going wild snapping shots.

      Dan saw a manatee but I was too slow to get it.