Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Athletes Quarterly Magazine

  A few months ago, Athletes Quarterly Magazine wanted to write a story on Dan. The Editor-in-Chief, along with a professional photography crew would come to our house, ask questions, take pictures, etc. We were both excited and curious for their visit to our home. Neither of us had ever experienced something like this before.
  For myself, I was a bit nervous. As a hostess, I needed to clean, cook, and make conversation with total strangers. As a wife, I needed to make sure Dan was at ease for his photo shoot and interview, and that he had suitable clothes picked out. He has become smooth with interviews over the last few years, so I decided not to worry about that part. He also isn't too shabby with style, but I do understand that some magazines have certain "styles", and we may need to cater to theirs. Therefore, the first thing I did was pick up the latest issue of Athletes Quarterly Magazine. I open up to the inside notes and what do I read? Athletes Quarterly is described as
 "...the only upscale lifestyle magazine for current and former professional athletes and their families." 
  Though flattered, the word "upscale" wasn't exactly the first word that would pop in my mind if I was asked to describe Dan, or Myself. As I turned through the next few pages, I ran across advertisements for fancy cars with gigantic price tags, and fashionable men's watches accompanied by the words, "call for price".
   Uh-oh, did they understand what they were getting into when they decided they wanted to write about Dan? Did they have the wrong Dan Carpenter in mind? The Dan Carpenter I married requested a Fossil watch for Christmas, buys cheapo sunglasses alongside me at Wal-mart, and owns two pairs of jeans because you rarely see him in anything but a t-shirt and athletic shorts.
  As I paged through the rest of the magazine looking at the pictures of other professional athletes pictures, I was relieved to find that there was a wide variety in attire. Some wore a white t-shirt and  dress jeans, others sported a spiffy suit. Some guys even chose athletic gear. Everyone seemed to have their own style. I found out when I started reading the articles, that that was exactly the whole idea behind this publication in the first place...To dig a little deeper into the lives, minds, and extra curricular activities of professional athletes outside of their sport. Discover what made them unique. Who they are.
   Dan and I were thrilled when we realized that AQ Magazine wanted to give a little sneak peak into the rest of his life. Not life on the field. Life off the field. Something that rarely gets shed light upon.
   I wish I could send a copy of this magazine to every young boy out there. To show that professional athletes are not superheros. They are normal people. I think sometimes there is a misperception of who these guys are. The majority of guys don't party their butts off in South Beach or try to get on the latest reality TV show. Truth is, more than less of professional athletes are what you could label as a "family man" or "the guy next door". They find education important and they worked hard in school. They have hobbies and interests other than sports. They have had to cope with sickness, death, abuse, and other struggles that life brings. They were not always the cool kid in class. They are normal people with normal lives. I love that AQ magazine focuses on the individuality of each player, allowing them to share who they are as a person. They are all different. We are all different. Every kid out there is different. That is what makes you so cool. Different is the new cool. Hats off to AQ Magazine for featuring those differences.
  Well, we laid out a few different outfits for Dan, anywhere from a suit to a jump suit. The crew from AQ Magazine showed up. A little intimidating at first, they started unpacking the big cameras and those funny umbrella things that bounce flash. They had a suitcase full of makeup and hairspray just in case, and a tape recorder and pen and pad. It looked really scary, but they were so pleasant and down to earth, that our time spent with them felt like anything but. They made us feel really relaxed, and assured us it was a low key type of deal.
  They were right. It was wonderful! And fun! I served food and drink, and we all enjoyed each others company long after the job was done. We talked about life, families, kids. We talked food, little boy birthday parties, and vacations. They were a delightful crew to welcome in my home. Over all, the whole experience was a pleasure. If it weren't for our early morning plans the next day we TOTALLY would have taken them up on their invitation to join them at Jorge and Laura Posadas event that night. (Dan is a HUGE Yankees fan....HUGE).
  Because I can't sit here and type out the whole magazine to you, I will share a bulleted list of a few things, besides my husband, I found interesting and cool in this issue.

- Kris Jenkins, NFL three-time All Pro and four-time Pro Bowler, LOVES to cook! So much, that he is now a contributing editor to AQ Magazine to share his recipes! Yum!
- Ronda Rousey was the first American woman ever to medal at the Olympic in Judo. She now is fighting MMA. Girl Power! Yeah!
- Chris Dickerson, NY Yankees Outfielder is very passionate about the environment. He believes small changes make a big difference.
 - Bear Pascoe, New York Giants Super Bowl Champ, man of my own heart because he is a country boy. He grew up on a cattle ranch where his father was a foreman. A true cowboy, and in true AQ Magazine-"Be Yourself" fashion, he posed for a picture in his cowboy hat and western shirt. Dan and I had the privilege of spending time with Bear and his girlfriend Katie this past Spring, as we share the same agent. He really is a nice guy, with a stand up kind of gal....huhuuuum...(clear throat)...I have a good diamond person if you need one Bear:)
-In Dan's article they mentioned my website! Can you believe it! I felt so lucky! Thanks Michael Dolan! Rylee got in there too! It was a whole family affair!
- Yogi Berra - Do need to say any more!?! YOGI BERRA!!! It is an honor to be in the same magazine as he is!

Alright, I suppose you are tired of hearing me jabber. Below are a few pictures from the photo shoot I took with my phone. Then I included the high resolution PDF article sent from Mr. Dolan via email. I am not sure if you can read the tiny print in the pics, so I have scanned the article and one of the pictures as well.

Thank you to Athletes Quarterly for this fabulous opportunity, and to Kim Staninger for putting Athletes Quarterly Magazine in touch with us. 


  1. Really great blog post & magazine article! Loved them both!

    1. Thank You! We were pleased with the route they took on the writing and also the style of pictures. Real deal. Which is what I like.

  2. Hi Kaela! Thanks for the kind words. I have been meaning to reach out to you to see how you like the photo's of Dan. Obviously you guy's were pleased! Please let me know if you need anymore copies.
    Tell Dan hi and I'll catch up with him when the season starts at a game.
    All the best, Tom

    1. Tom! I was just thinking about you two! I have had so many compliments on the tone of the pictures. We LOVED them! We would be very interested in seeing all of the other ones that were taken that day as well so we can possibly get a few copies. Thank you!

  3. You just made my day. :) thanks!