Friday, May 25, 2012


To Be a Billionaire - Yes I said Billion...not Million...
That means if I won the lottery tomorrow I could not afford to live the billionaire lifestyle.
If Dan played in the NFL until he was 40, we still wouldn't be able to afford even one year maintenance on toys like this.

A few days ago, I lucked out, and was invited to fly in Mr. and Mrs. Huizenga's Boeing 737 Private Jet....Wow...Leaving their two smaller private jets, and also the two helicopters behind, we flew to Fort Myers....just for fun.

I brought my friend Katie with me. We were both wide eyed the whole time. I can't imagine always traveling like that. With beds, a kitchen with an oven, sink etc, TV's galore, a personal chef, bathroom with a shower, and all the snacks and drinks you would like, this Boeing 737 gave us a glimpse into the life of a billionaire. It would be HEAVEN to take this puppy back and forth from Florida to Montana every time I wanted to go home and visit. Except for the part where I got the fuel bill...(It cost approx. $5,000 in fuel for us to get from Fort Lauderdale to Fort Myers and back.

I must only dream, because this Boeing 737 is for sale for a whopping 40 million. Keep in mind, it cost about 100 million just to maintain for approximately 3 years. But hey, when you belong to the Fortune 500 Club, you need business expenses for tax write you buy 3 jets and 2 heli's.

Read about the owner here.

Here are a few pics from the flight. 

Coach Class on Southwest will never be the same again:(

Thank you to the kind and generous Mr. ad Mrs. Huizenga for letting us get a little taste of the Billionaire lifestyle. They truly are some of the most kind, most down to earth, generous and hard working people around.

 Thanks to Head Pilot Chris, and his sister-in-law, Sara, for the invite!

It was a ride we felt lucky to experience:)


 There she is! What a beauty!

 Katie - Checking out Fort Myers from above
 Me - Checking out Fort Myers from the birds eye view just before landing.

 Best Spot "in the house"

Katie looks like she could get used to this. :)

They let me keep the leftover wine:) 
Probably the nicest bottle I have ever had. 
I am usually a $3 Lucky Duck gal.

 Many sections of seats, different TV's, etc.
Every seat had a pair of BOSE headsets in the arm rests.

 Could have a drink and play a little cards:)
 ...Or just fly it:)
This picture was taken after got back. They parked it just inside the door of the hanger. I think our cars were in the way.

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