Tuesday, May 8, 2012

------------Present Day Paradise------------

Many places on this earth make my heart smile...
But this is my present day paradise... 

Like fish in cold water, this small town farm girl and Montana "city kid" were unexpectedly transplanted to South Florida soil. 

An adjustment at first, we have made it home. We've come to realize that sunsets, wildlife, guns, and good people can all be found in Florida too! The style of it all is just a little different than what we are used to.

If you approach the world with open arms and an open mind you will always find happiness, comfort, joy, and thrill in something, in anything, in anywhere. If look hard enough, try new things, and continue to allow the simple things in life to bring you the most pleasure, you will always be happy.

Here are a few pics from a recent outings.

 Dan's Lure.

Spot The Gator?

 Off Into The Sunset!

Dockin' It Up - Headed Home

We Found Gun Fun In Florida Too!
50 cal

 Big Ole' Gun!

Made friends with the mailman. 
We play tricks on each other.  
I freaked, but Rylee was thankful for the treat.
I left a fake snake in the mailbox the following week:)

 Canal Fishin' Out Towards Everglades

Dad's Visit - His Catch

Teenie Tiny

Rylee Enjoying Fishin' Time

Pretty sure in this pic he is saying - "Don't take a picture of me....just the fish" ...oops

 Beautiful Evening Out Back

 Beautiful Evening Out Back

BAD Look But A GREAT Hook! 
I seriously need to break down and purchase a real sunhat. I look like a hillbilly.
Wait.... Am I?
Either way, I need style lessons, someone to remind me to put on makeup, and 10 bucks to go get a new hat. Ha!

 Good People Great Friends

 Rylee has traded land for sand as well!

We are just a little over an hour from the Florida Keys! This picture of the beautiful Keys Sunset was taken with my phone last week in Key Largo.

Wildlife in our backyard.
Hundreds if not thousands of tadpoles! Too Cool! Look at the one with the little legs growing! He is almost a frog!! I left 2 video's below if you enjoy watching tadpoles like I do. Just turn your volume off if you don't want to listen to me oooo and ahh... I wonder if everyone else is like me and hates to hear their voice recorded. Ick.
Check out the slimy snail I found on the water hose when I went to fill the pool.


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