Friday, May 11, 2012

Miami Dolphins Juniors Anglers Fishing Clinic

Every year Dan and I participate in the Miami Dolphins Juniors Anglers Fishing Clinic. This year was no different. It is always a blast to go help kids fish. To bring a smile to their faces when they grab their fishing pole is only the start. I think just as much joy is brought to the Miami Dolphins as to the children throughout this interactive delightful event.

This years 6th Miami Dolphins Junior Anglers Fishing Clinic was sponsored by Publix and the Miami Dolphins Foundation Fins Weekend Fishing Tournament. We had approximately 20 children from the Boys and Girls Club come on out to test their fishing skills....Some for the first time!

In the beginning there was a small introduction of the Miami Dolphins Players who attended, t-shirts and hats given to the children to run around and get autographs, and an after school snack of chicken strips, chips, and bottled water for all attendees.

Then the kids were cut loose with fishing poles, worms, and a load of excitement...(and sharp hooks). We spent an hour and a half or so fishing with the kids. Some had fished a time or two, while others had never held a pole. But they all had one thing in common. By the end of the clinic, all had touched a worm and proudly hooked a fish or two.

I always love the relaxed "at home" feel of this event. Players sometimes bring their children, and a few wives even show up for support. Even a coach or two has been known to come with his kids, and I believe the Miami Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland and/or his wife Rachel have had their kiddos there every year as well. The easy going feel of this event adds to an already great atmosphere. This helps the kids and the players throw in a line, take a deep breath, and just "be".

All in all it was an eventful day filled with everlasting memories for so many children of the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County. Dan and I had a blast, as did the other Miami Dolphins Players I am sure.

Here are a few pics from the event with a couple links to follow.

 Some of the kids listening to instructions before fishing. They could not get close enough to those big football players. :)

 Dan taking his little group to the best fishing spot he can find. Too cute! Filled with excitement carrying their little poles. There was a pep in their step for sure!

They followed RIGHT behind him like little ducklings while he scouted the best spot.

My little dude - pointing out some tiny guppies.

 Dan Carpenter hookin' worms as fast as he could!

Dan Carpenter - Hooking worms for the kiddos left and right.  
We were double and triple hooking them just to keep up!

This was my little buddy's 1st fish he has ever caught! He was pretty excited! Tyrell Johnson, #26 for the Miami Dolphins, ran over with his two fishing buddies to check out our big catch:) My little fishing buddy is the one directly in front of me with the blue pole.
Photo Courtesy - Kelly Gavin - Miami Dolphins

Dan hooking the worm for one of his fishing partners. She knew what she was doing. She told me she had fished with her Grandma before. She was a very talkative and nice little girl. Very polite and sweet.
Photo Courtesy - Kelly Gavin - Miami Dolphins

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