Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fargo Visit - Family Fun

I was raised second oldest of five children. Three of my siblings currently live in Fargo, North Dakota. The youngest, Tom, turned 21 years old last week. Since Dan and I have a few free flights racked up I decided last minute to make the trip to celebrate with him.

Though not all my siblings were there, 4 out of 5 were, which rarely happens. I had a great time celebrating. It was awesome hanging with the 3 little nephews too. The twins will be 6 yr in May and the baby is barely a baby anymore!

Sadly Dan couldn't come because he had football.....but it doesn't mean he wasn't on our mind! You can't tell me this Lego head doesn't resemble him just a tiny bit:) haha

Here are a few pics off of my phone to help recap the visit.

Lego Land!!!

Twins with their hanging Dandelion Necklaces

Gavin dancing up a storm!

Food is more fun with 5 yr olds!!!

Recipe to be posted soon!

 Initial pancakes! Always fun in the morning:)

Making Jello Shots for Tom's 21st Birthday. 
We made special non-alcoholic ones for the kids to eat with their sitter.
Three different kinds. Recipes to be shared soon!

The Tow-Mater Sandwich we made for lunch! 

 Baby Brandt

Birthday Brother (And Uncle Tom)

4 out of 5 siblings
Missing number 3. 
She is in school in a different state so couldn't come.

Brother Tom and I on his 21st!

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