Friday, April 13, 2012

Imagination of a Child

The imagination of a child is one of the most beautiful things in the world. There is nothing greater than seeing a kid make fun from a cardboard box.

Last fall when my 5 1/2 year old nephews visited I was a little concerned that all I had to keep them entertained for a week was a swimming pool and a few old school children's books. When I found them in the back room "driving" a couple of large moving boxes with string, pots and pans and one of Dan's old shoes, I knew it would all be OK. I was reminded of the creative juices that flow through a young mind and my heart was warmed.

Where along the way do we loose that? Why do we stop using our imaginations? I remember the first time I thought it was silly to pretend. But I am not sure why. My cousin wanted me to play Cowboys and Indians out in the hills on my farm with him. I tried, but knew it was make believe and just couldn't get into. I somehow felt it was wrong to be so silly. I wanted to play I just couldn't. I remember it made me sad because I had somehow managed to hurt my own feelings....Is that possible? To hurt your own feelings?

Anyway, I remember what it felt like. To 110% get lost in character. To imagine. To believe. To make believe. It was beautiful. The only thing better than looking back, is watching a child living in his or her creative imaginative world...Full force.

This is what made me cry today.


Kaela Carpenter


Caine is incredible. Sweet. Intelligent.
But I also think about what a great person the producer is. The man who first found Caine's Arcade. The first customer. He could have walked on by. He could have played and walked like it was just another lemonade stand. But he didn't. What a kind soul.