Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kim Kardashian, Ice Cream, And The Innocence Of Children

This past Thursday the 15th, Mr. Dan Carpenter and I, along with Richie Incognito and his girlfriend Carrie, Brandon and Katie Fields, and Reggie Bush visited His House Children's Home here in South Florida. Children at His House Children's Home range from newborn to 18 yrs of age. Some foster children live on site, while others simply attend the academy while being housed elsewhere. Among the kiddos on Thursdays visit were foster children, abandoned children, victims of human trafficking, unaccompanied children that crossed the border from Central and South America, and a few Haitian children who where displaced by the 2010 disaster in Haiti.

While the team mascot T.D. was there to act goofy and create some giggles, we scooped ice cream, chit chatted, and handed out Dolphin hats and pictures. The kids were very excited about the visit, and impressed me by how many toppings they could pile on their bowls of ice cream. A question and answer session was held towards the end of the visit. As for the questions asked, there was NO holding back!

One child had the guts to ask Reggie if it was true that he was dating Kim Kardashian! All adult background noise immediately halted at that point as all of us secretly wanted to know the answer to the same question....Leave it to a 6 year old to find out the nitty gritty for us!...FYI - Reggie said he is "currently single"...Also "never to believe what you read on the Internet." Everyone laughed.

Humor only continued. It didn't take long for a innocent child to raise their hand, and politely, full-heartedly ask if "#5" was Hannah Montana Dad! ... Pahahaa!! Later I told "Billy" that he should have busted out Achy Breaky Heart for them... Then again, if they called him Hannah Montana's Dad and not Billy Ray Cyrus they probably would have just thought he was signing lunatic.

Oh how I love the innocence of children and the smiles they bring to your face! 

To read more on this story visit Miami Dolphins here. See a few pictures from the event below.

 All pictures in this post are courtesy of the Miami Dolphins.

Left to Right - Carrie Bayes, Richie Incognito, Dan Carpenter, Kaela Carpenter, Brandon Fields, Katie Fields, TD.

 When Reggie Bush was asked if he was dating Kim Kardashian.

When Dan was asked if he was Hannah Montana's Dad....LOL

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