Monday, March 5, 2012

Kaela and Dan Carpenter's Playlist

Puttin' er on the playlist!

This has become one of Dan's recent favs.

We first heard it at Chili Cookoff, which we call Redneck Woodstock.

See post about Redneck Woodstock here.

Here are pictures from good times we have had on the farm where I grew up. Pictures like these may or may not explain why Dan likes this song so much and why he initially decided he liked me so much.

Redneck? Maybe...

Do we have fun?... Heck ya we do!

 My 2007 deer back on the farm. This was a couples months after Dan and I started dating. 

Gopher hunting is one of my favorite things to do on the farm.

Off to shoot Gophers with family and friends!

Sister Jenna's Deer

View off the back porch on the farm. When the cows are in the other pasture we do a TON of shooting from here. Notice the plywood corner set up for sandbags and such? Great place for target shooting, or picking coyotes off the chicken remains after butchering time.

 See!?!? I told ya this was the spot! 

And Again

And Again

Dan and I back in 2009. Boy we look young! And his hair short!

Dan, this summer, a few weeks before our wedding. 
This is his favorite past time while hanging out on my family farm.

 Brother Tom shootin' up the leaky old water jug. Why not?

Brother Tom and Mom. Found some old rotten eggs that our geese deserted...
Mom tossing and Tom shooting.

What are some of your new favorite songs? Are you a Luke Bryant fan? Can you relate to this post?

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