Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lauren's Kids

Lauren Book. If you live in South Florida this name rings a bell. I have a feeling that in a few more years her name will ring loud and true throughout the country. Hear me now. If you don't know her name, you will.

Her mission...
To prevent sexual abuse through awareness and education, and to help survivors heal with guidance and support.

Her book...
It's OK to Tell

From the foreword of the book by Lisa Ling…
“Lauren endured years of physical, sexual, and psychological torture as a child but somehow found the courage to confront her abuser. With the help of her father who stands firmly by his daughter’s side, Lauren has become a relentless crusader for kids and women everywhere who have been violated. It’s hard enough to hear about the dark place that little Lauren Book inhabited for so many years. I imagine that many people would want to lock the horrifying memories away and move on in silent anonymity. But Lauren bravely shares her testimony in a very public way so that people will know that the sexual exploitation of a child knows no economic boundaries.
Reading the pages of Lauren’s book, your heart will break. You will find yourself utterly shocked and enraged. But you will be inspired by the powerful and courageous voice that has emerged from this young woman who was robbed of her childhood by a sexually violent predator: one of hundreds of thousands out there, many of whom work inside people’s homes or places where children congregate.
The world is lucky to have Lauren and her father out there advocating, because neither of them will stop until families are made aware of the dangers that lurk in unexpected places.”

Right now from January 14 through February 22, Lauren is completing her 2012 Walk in my Shoes event. She walks everyday. Key West to Tallahassee. From city to city, she walks by her father’s side. Day after day family, friends, follows, and supporters who believe in her message join in on a part of her 5 ½ week, 1,000 mile foot journey.

Last week Dan and I along with some of our Dolphin friends, walked 16 miles of Lauren's journey with her to help her spread her message.  It was great to see Lauren as I haven’t seen her smiley face in over a year. The support was tremendous that day for Lauren’s Kids Organization. I can’t wait to see where she is in a couple years. She has and will continue to push those mountains until they move.

Below are some pics from the walk on the 21st. Most are courtesy of Lauren's Kids Organization, with a few from my cell phone as well. 
Visit for more on this empowering organization.

The whole group starting that day. Some dropped out at certain distances and others joined up at different locations.

Dolphins with Lauren for the walk.
Jessica Vones, Sela Foukimoana, Dolphin Personnel, Kim Costello, Katie Fields, Ilona Wolpin, Keith Sims, Rachel Ireland, Will Allen, Lauren Book, Brandon Fields, Mr. Book, Eric Knowles, Dan Carpenter, Kaela Carpenter, Allison Eddy, Michelle Beck, Dolphin Personnel.

Group stretches before the long walk.

Time passes fast when you are having fun! Ilona Wolpin and Kaela Carpenter.

Ilona Wolpin and Kaela Carpenter- Acting goofy to pass time.

Brandon and Katie Fields

 Dolphins group at Fort Lauderdale!

 Katie Fields and Kaela Carpenter all smiles:)

 Dan and Kaela Carpenter at the Gulf Stream water stop.

 Allison Eddy and Michelle Beck

Katie Fields and Kaela Carpenter all smiles. In the back is Mike Dee CEO of the Dolphins and his assistant Kim.

 Mike Mandich

 Escort for the day

 Escort for the Day

 Dolphins Community Relations Gals - Best girls ever:)

 Will Allen

Brandon and Katie Fields, Ilona Wolpin, Mike Mandich, Lauren Book, Rachel Ireland, Sela Foukimoana, Kaela and Dan Carpenter.

Katie and Brandon Fields, Ilona Wolpin, Mike Mandich, Lauren Book, Rachel Ireland, Kaela and Dan Carpenter.

 Walking between Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale

Katie and Brandon Fields, Ilona Wolpin, Lauren Book, Sela Foukimoana, Rachel Ireland, Kaela and Dan Carpenter

The Dolphins group ended the day after 16 miles. We enjoyed an hour or so at Rocco's Tacos for refreshments and food. YUM!

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