Friday, December 23, 2011

Sometimes You Just Have To Drop It All

Dan came home from football a few days ago and invited me to join him out on the boat for the last few hours of daylight. I was elbow deep in Christmas baking but I knew a little break entailing some sunshine and QT with my man would be good for the soul. I dropped everything, threw the dog a bone, popped on some jean shorts and a cut off tee, and hopped in the passengers seat. Off we went to enjoy the last bit of daylight, a piece of the everglades, and the beaming rays of sun.

The next two hours brought me relaxation, excitement, and peace of mind. The combo of nature, sunshine, and good company was the perfect break!

The flower bud from a lily pad Dan hooked for me

Waiting for the big one

He was a fighter so I helped Dan by netting it.

Dan with his catch. A big Snake Fish.

My picture with the Snake Fish.

Later that evening, after I had whipped out some more Christmas baking, I took Dan up on another offer. We tried out his new spotlight and crossbow out back by the canals. He got a Barnett Jackal Crossbow with an attachment for fish from one of his friends for his birthday. He couldn't wait to test er' out. 
With neighborhood guard dogs howling and all nocturnal creatures out for the evening, we creeped along neighborhoof water fronts hunting for the monsters of the night. We weren't sure what to except. Gators, Pythons, and everything else are active at night. Oh my what fun!!!

What?.. Redneck you say?... Ha! That's alright! I have a feeling everyone in our neighborhood already thinks we are strange...I can't imagine what the neighbors butler will think when he checks the security cameras! Anyone ever seen the Beverly Hillbillies?...Nuf Said...haha

For all ya'll who ever seen this her Beverly Hillbillies show, I reckon I got er her for ya. ...a dern good show fer Christmas!

Sometimes, even when you are really busy trying to get stuff done on time, what you actually need is a small break to keep ya fresh. It is all worth it, and you will be back on track in no time:)

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