Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's Fun Being Five!

A few weeks ago I was blessed with a visit from my sister. She and her three boys, ages 5 (x2) and 11 months, boarded a plane and left her husband and kitty behind to man the house. I tip my hat to any person willing to brave a flight with 3 young children. Especially when it is all the way from North Dakota to South Florida....What can I say! We really wanted to see each other!

The days were filled with water wings, spotting gators on an air boat, gator and frog eating at one of my favorite places, parks, walks, good wine and Margaritas, rides on Dan's new Bass Boat, Dolphin Football, story books, food projects such as Green Eggs and Ham and Spaghetti Hotdog Octopuses, seashell hunting at the beach, and of course lots of laughs and hugs.

Time flew by way too fast and they sadly had to go home. I know they had just as much fun as I did, and I hope that now that I given the boys and their Momma a taste of South Florida, they will come back for more. My hopes are high for my sister giving in and shipping her kids to come stay for a few weeks each summer. Here are a few pictures to take you inside their visit.

To be 5 again! How fun!!

His face was priceless when the waiter set down his crab and lobster. His FAVORITE food is "cwab". Don't let his size fool you folks. When it comes to crab eating, I'd put this pint size up against any grown man.

Being adventurous! 
Having a great time with the idea of eating a frog leg:) 
Love his cute little grin.

Ready for the Dolphin Game!

My sister with her crew at the Dolphin game 

Another favorite place to take all of my out of towners is the Swap Shop. Here people can get cheap souvenirs, fresh produce, and a lot of good people watching. 

Picture is worth a thousand words:)

No explanation needed:)

Compliments of Auntie Jenna:)

Twins holding the baby gator after they were out scouting them on the air boat.  They couldn't wait to hold this guy!

These two morphed from cats to fish lickity-split!

Water wings make great big muscles:)

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