Saturday, November 12, 2011

"Gobble" This Idea Right Up!

OK all you crafty folks out there! Here is an idea for ya'll to "gobble" right up! Whether you are a sewer or not there are many different ways you can create this cute little tee.

Sewing people - Grab your sewing machines and whip out a couple of these cute little t-shirts for your kids, nieces and nephews, grandchildren, or students. With the hype of Thanksgiving in the air, kids will love to sport these tees the whole month long!

Oh! So you say you are not a sewing type of person but still like crafts? What about going online, or to a Michaels near you and purchase some HUGE wiggly googly eyes and fabric glue! That will get the job done and you can even ask the little people in your life to help you cut and glue the eyes and fabric!

If you happen to prefer not to do crafts, or maybe you just don't have the darn time, here are a few links I found online to purchase the different styles.

Turkey Shirt Up Close

Female Turkey Shirt

Turkey Shirt Letter and Name

Materials Needed
-Paper and writing utensil to make a paper pattern for eyes, beak, and turkey waddle.
-Sewing Machine and Thread OR Material Glue
-HUGE Googly Eyes if you are not sewing the project, but rather gluing.
-Fabric in the colors of red, orange, and if you are sewing the eyes, also black and white

If you do choose to make this project rather than purchase it, have fun! Make your eyes and beak any size you wish! Use a cool printed patterned material with some texture! Go the extra mile and glue or sew tons of fabric on the back of the shirt in the shape and design of turkey feathers! Or possibly you would like to get clever and sew or glue only the tops of the beak and waddle allowing the beak to flap and the waddle free to waddle!  Shoot! Why not make a Turkey Face Tie for the "fun" tie guy in your life:)

If anyone makes their own, feel free to email me pictures of your children in their turkey shirts, or post it to the Cookin' and Kickin' Facebook Wall!

I wish I had kids here to do this project with! Maybe I will make one and force my husband to wear it:)Paahaa!

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