Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dan the FisherMan

One of Dan's favorite things to do is go fishing. More often than not, he will come home from a long day of practice and go throw in a line out back. We definitely do not live on a large body of water, but we have a little canal that runs past the backyard. For those of you who know South Florida, there are little canals everywhere. This was one thing that amazed me when I flew into Florida for the first time. I looked down out of the airplane window and there appeared to be as many canals as there were roads. Big, medium, and small, they seem to be everywhere.

Well, our canal is surely one on the smaller side. It ranges from 6ft wide at its slimmest to over 100 feet wide when you follow it a few streets over. Both of us being raised in Montana are used to fishing on bigger bodies of water such as lakes and dams. The larger the body of water the bigger potential for king sized catch. Therefor, when we moved into our home we expected next to nothing from the tiny strip of water behind our house.

Shortly after we moved into the neighborhood we had a knock at our door. When I opened it, I discovered the neighbor boy, holding a fishing rod asking for Dan. How can you turn that invitation down? As an adult I am not sure if I would be brave enough to go knock on a strangers door and invite them to do something. Kudos to the kid with guts!

Dan and the Neighbor Boy have fished together quite a bit, and struck up a friendship. It isn't uncommon for them to text each other as they walk out back to throw in a line. If they do happen to go solo they will text a picture to the other if they happen to reel in a whopper. A friendly rival for the best catch has been created.

Two things we have learned from fishing out back.

1- Big fish can live in small water.
2- Sometimes age doesn't matter when it comes to friends.

Do you have an unlikely friendship that you have formed over the years?
Where and what do you like to fish?

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