Thursday, September 29, 2011

Punt, Pass, and Kick Clinic

Visit Miami Dolphins to read about the latest Punt Pass and Kick Clinic that Dan helped with!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Meet Rylee! 

The Lab that loves to go for walks, play fetch, and cuddle. She is patient and kind. Scared of guns, and is a "foodie" just like her Momma.

She is our baby. Thanks to Dan's training she is a very well behaved dog. (I hope our children are this good some day!) 

Rylee rolls with the punches. She has lived with us through college in Montana, in different hotels here in Florida for months on end, and has traveled the round trip from Florida to Montana by truck numerous times, and never complains about a thing:)

She is our little sidekick. We take her everywhere she is allowed to be. She seems to brighten the day of anyone who's path she crosses. She is a great companion, and trustworthy friend. She never says no to a walk, and is ALWAYS happy to see us when we come home. If you want to see the true definition of happiness, tell her it is OK to go swimming in the pool:)

 She is good with kids.....

USUALLY good at staying out of the bakers way.....

  She loves Montana.......

 And Florida Too:)

She is a Man's Best Friend